Hungarian Dream Cup 2016-International Championship

Date: October 19-23, 2016
Place: Budapest, Hungary
Organizer: WKO Hungary Branch Arpad Kalmar 4th Dan (Secretary General of All Hungarian Karate Federation)

The All-Hungarian Karate Federation and the Stability Sports Promotion, organized the Hungarian Dream Cup 2016-International Championship between October 19-23 in Budapest


Poland Suwalski Dojo Karate Festival 2016

Date: November 5, 2016
Place: Suwalski, Poland
Organizer: Poland Karpinski Branch Marek Krejpcio 5th Dan (Suwalski Dojo Operator)

Suwalski Dojo, led by Shihan Marek Krejpcio on November 5, 2016 organized a Karate Festival on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the club.


South Africa-Matlosana Region Kyu Grading Test 2016

Date: October 29, 2016
Place: Klerksdorp Recreation Centre Hall, North West Province, South Africa
Organizer: WKO Branch Chief Thomas Sindephi Mayekani

The last junior belts grading (Kyu grading, white to brown belt) in 2016 was attended by 145 students, all taking the kyu grading test.


Poland Kata & Kumite Seminar 2016

Date: November 4-6, 2016
Place: Ksiazenice, Poland
Organizer: Poland Branch Chief Tomasz Basiak
Photos taken by Mr. Piotr Piskadlo

Sensei Emi Shoguchi (10th World Champion) from Japan, led a Kata & Kumite Seminar in Książenice (near Warsaw), attended by 120 members from Holland, Hungary, Poland, and Ukraine on November 4-6, 2016.

Dismissal of Korean Branch Chiefs

We would like to announce that Branch Chiefs of Korea, Mr. Young Geol Kim and Mr. Min Soo Kwon, have been dismissed from WKO as of November 15th, 2016.