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The main philosophy of WKO Shinkyokushinkai is to “master our mind”, and with our activities centered on the three pillars of nurturing youth, social contribution, and international exchange, we carry on with our daily efforts to further promote Budo Karate. As a symbol of the rapid internationalization of Karate, which originated from Japan, WKO has now developed into an organization with 100,000 registered members in 102 countries and regions (as of March 2021), and Karate has crossed over all borders, including age, gender, nationality, race, and religion, and is loved by the world as a noble Budo (martial art) culture and sport, for it can be trained throughout life, and holds the role of strengthening and enriching one’s mind and soul. The number of youth practitioners has recently increased at a remarkable rate, and we believe that this has helped in providing solutions for serious issues such as bullying and social isolation.

Our activities, in addition to our daily trainings at the dojo, are widely promoted to the international community through the various tournaments held domestically and internationally to demonstrate the result of our training. The tournaments are systemized with the open weight “World Open Karate Championship” held every 4 years in Tokyo, at the very top, with the memorial 10th tournament organized in 2011, and up to the 12th tournament held in 2019, the title has been protected by Japan, the mother country of Karate.
In addition, we organize the open weight All Japan Open Karate Championship, which has a history of over 50 years, and strong competitors continue to carry out hard battles every year.

The competitors in such tournaments, keep in mind their endless pursuit of strength, and as Budoka, they continue their pursuit by carrying out heavy training on a daily basis. In this training process, only those that can overcome their inner selves, are able to grasp the honor of victory. The battle between Budoka, competing the results of their hard training, and improving each other’s strength and technique, is very refreshing and impressive for all viewers.
In order to further promote this wonderful Budo Karate around the world, we have the “inclusion in the Olympic Games” as our goal, and we are continuing our efforts as a long-term project. Although it is a difficult path, we believe that it is a necessary social activity for the development of the Budo spirit in Japan and the world, and with a strong sense of mission, and with the unity of the organization, we wish to take steps forward to realize our grand dream.

Lastly, the activities we carry out, especially the tournaments, are possible due to the kind understanding from society, and the generous support from the various sponsors. Thank you for your continuous guidance and support towards the activities of WKO Shinkyokushinkai, which prides itself as the strongest and largest Budo organization in the world.
Kenji MidoriNPO World Karate Organization Shinkyokushinkai President

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