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Master our Mind

As the NPO World Karate Organization Shinkyokushinkai, we have inherited the tradition and will of Kyokushin Karate, founded by the late Sosai Masutatsu Oyama in 1956, and carry out our activities.
Under the main philosophy to “master our mind”, the activities are centered on the activity policy of “nurturing youth”, “social contribution”, and “international exchange”.
The teaching of Karate, the activities of domestic and overseas branches, charity activities for the Marrow Donor Program, blood donation activities, international cooperation activities, and the organizing of various tournaments, are all held under the main philosophy and activity policy.
A strong mind leads to kindness, and a kind heart leads to strength. With the belief that a healthy mind will develop in a healthy body, we will continue our activities, with the goal to become the strongest and largest Karate organization in the world.

The philosophy of Shinkyokushinkai

The philosophy of Shinkyokushinkai is to “master our mind”.
To keep pursuing the strongest Budo Karate.
Shinkyokushinkai, which was built from this hope, will master our mind together, and contribute to world peace.
The mark is symbolizing “Kokoro”
The Shinkyokushinkai mark has its roots in the Kanji character “Kokoro” (mind/heart).
The origins of Kyokushin started from the axiom, “One thousand days of training completes a beginner. Ten thousand days of training begins the mastery of the art.”. This mark also symbolizes “Shin-Gi-Tai”, or the unification of the spirit, technique, and body, which is vital in the development of the Budo spirit.

Nurturing Youth

In addition to acquiring courtesy and manners, we aim to develop children who can connect kindness and strength, and we strive to create an environment where men and women of all ages can gather, train, develop their mind and body, and build a warm relationship. We also organize various tournaments, where we pursue the strongest Budo Karate.

International Exchange

With the objective of spreading the Budo spirit of Japan, we actively organize international events, such as tournaments, seminars, and training camps. Through the communication of the mind and body, we aim for the international exchange of people and culture.

Social Contribution

We have continued our activities toward creating a society where one can feel the importance of life, such as blood donations, and charity events for the Marrow Donor Program since 1998. We also concentrate our efforts on international social contribution activities, such as the distribution of food and donation programs after the Great East Japan Earthquake, and participation in NGO activities and volunteer projects.