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Shinkyokushinkai Karate Brazil Examiner & Referee course


Date: 10th March and 7th April 2024
Place: Sao Paulo
Organizer: Brazil Branch (Branch Chief Denivaldo Carvalho)

On 10th March, Brazil Branch held the examiner course and 35 persons presented at Honbu dojo and 47 persons presented online.
The examiner courses include knowledge to examine white belt to orange belt, orange belt to blue belt and blue belt to yellow belt.
Shihan Carvalho explained the importance of continuous work throughout the dojo, always encouraging students and teaching the basics, so that students won’t have learning difficulties when they reach the advanced degree.

On April 7th, the referee course and evaluator training course were held at Honbu dojo as well.
Shihan Carvalho went over all the refereeing rules, demonstrating the gestures of main and corner referees, showing everyone what is allowed and what is not allowed in a fight.
In the evaluator training course, Shihan Carvalho showed what should be evaluated and how to evaluate in the grading test.

In Brazil, after the taking the evaluator course and several practical tests, the instructors are authorized to teach and evaluate his students in his dojos.

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