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The 1st Karate Champion of Champions


2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake Recovery Support Charity
The 1st Karate Champion of Champions


July 21, 2024 [Open: 17:00 Start:18:00(Scheduled End Time: 21:00)]


Yoyogi 2nd Gymnasium


Royal Seat (Arena Reserved) Pre-Ticket 50,000 JPY (Same day Ticket 52,000 JPY)
SRS Seat (Arena Reserved) Pre-Ticket 30,000 JPY (Same day Ticket 32,000 JPY)
SS Seat (Arena Reserved) Pre-Ticket 15,000JPY (Same day Ticket 17,000 JPY)
S Seat (Arena Reserved) Pre-Ticket 10,000 JPY (Same day Ticket 12,000 JPY)
A Seat (2F Unreserved) Pre-Ticket 8,000 JPY (Same day Ticket 10,000 JPY) *Free for elementary school students and younger
*Tax included
*Tickets are on a first-come, first-served basis

Lawson Ticket:
*Please change the language to English from the button in the bottom right
*Please proceed with the reservation without a member registration
*Please go to the nearest Lawson Store to receive your ticket when you arrive in Japan

Tickets can also be purchased at the venue of the Karate Dream Festival 2024 (Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium) on July 20 – 21.


Eventas Guzauskas (Lithuania)
Maciej Mazur (Poland)
Anton Zimarev (Kazakhstan),
Anjey Kinzersky (Kazakhstan)
Yusaku Watanabe (Japan)
Yuki Okada (Japan)
Marek Wolny (Poland)
JFKO Heavy Weight Champion

Brigita Gustaityte (Lithuania)
Ivanka Popova (Bulgaria)
Suzuki Mihiro (Japan)
Ramu Amikawa (Japan)
Alina Ossipenko (Kazakhstan)
Mirjam Bjorklund (Sweden)
JFKO Heavy Weight Champion
Recommended Competitor

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