2019European Karate Championship Result

The further progress of WKO Shinkyokushinkai

The European Championship 2019 was held in great success. The series of events were organized by the Lithuania Branch, which is well-known around Europe and the world, for developing many strong competitors. The branch is led by Country Representative & Branch Chief Romas Vitkauskas. Branch Chief Romas is the Vice President of the Europe Region, and also the Board Member of WKO and WFKO. This is due to the international recognition of his strong foundation in business, and his overall capability and human character.

Spain Talan Branch International Open Championship 2019

Date: March 16, 2019
Place: Madrid, Spain
Organizer: Spain Branch Chief Jesus Talan

On March 16 (Sat.), the Spain Talan Branch International Open Championship 2019 was held and it was a great opportunity to have the presence of 300 competitors and 15 countries with more than 50 guest clubs.

The 8th Matlosana Cup Karate Tournament, Seminar, Grading

Date: March 9-11, 2019
Place: Banquet Hall, Klerksdorp Town, North West Province, South Africa
Organizers/host: WKO Branch Chiefs: Mr. Thomas Sindephi Mayekani and Mr. Isaac Mashinini (Country Representative)

Shinkyokushinkai Matlosana, North West Province has again hosted a very successful, well-attended annual tournament, The 8th Matlosana Cup Karate Tournament.

The CAKO Women Eliminatory and Honduras Men Eliminatory for the 12th World Karate Championship

Date: March 16, 2019
Place: UNITEC University Multi Sport Arena, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Organizer: Honduras Branch

Honduras hosted the fighters eliminatory for the upcoming World Open Championship to be held in Tokyo next November.