The 9th Greek Winter Camp

Date: February 7-9, 2020
Place: Mount Pelion, Greece
Organizer: WKO Greece (Country Representative: Branch Chief George Kosmidis)

The 9th Greek Winter Camp was held on February 7-9.

Polish Qualification Tournament 2020

Date: February 1, 2020
Place: Kielce, Poland
Organizer: PFKS (Polish Karate Federation Shinkyokushinkai)

A qualification tournament for Polish fighters to the European Adults Championship in Georgia took place on February 1st in Kielce.

Canada Alain Bordeleau Branch Black Belt Awarding

Date: February 18, 2020
Place: Greenfield Park, Quebec, Canada
Organizer: Branch Chief Alain Bordeleau

The months of November and December 2019 were very busy for the Greenfield Park Dojo!

Afghanistan Honbu – Eastern Zone Winter Camp

Date: February 7, 2020
Place: Kunar River, Kama District, Nangarhar, Eastern Zone, Afghanistan
Organizer: Afghanistan Branch & AFKO Afghanistan

On February 7, a winter camp was conducted by WKO and AFKO Shinkyokushinkai Afghanistan Country Representative and President Sensei Abasin Shinwari with assistance of Contact and Technical Assistant Sensei Habibur Rahman Adil, Nangarhar Provincial Chief Sensei Suliman Nasari and Sensei Ezatullah Wafa at Kunar River, Nangarhar.

Poland Dadzibug Branch Winter Camp 2020

Date: January 12-19, 2020
Place: Bukowina Tatrzanska, Poland
Organizer: Poland Branch Chief Eugeniusz Dadzibug

Poland Branch Chief Shihan Eugeniusz Dadzibug 6 Dan organized a winter camp in the mountains of Bukowina Tatrzanska on January 12-19.