Message from WKO President (September & October 2017)

Dear Branch Chiefs and Contacts,
In Japan, the hot summer is over, and we are gradually starting to feel the autumn breeze, which is pleasant and perfect for sports and training. I hope that all of you are doing well in your country and region.

Announcement of the dates of the Karate Dream Festival 2018

The dates of the Karate Dream Festival 2018 International Championship has decided.
Karate Dream Festival 2018 will take place on 23rd and 24th June 2018 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium.

Poland Lamot Branch Summer Camp 2017

Date: August 12-19, 2017
Place: Pokrzywna, Poland
Organizer: Poland Branch Chief Jacek Lamot

During August 12-19, Branch Chief Jacek Lamot organized a summer camp in Pokrzywna, with Branch Chief Naoki Kawahara of Japan as the special instructor.

The 26th All Iranian Championship

Date: September 8-9, 2017
Place: Tehran, Iran
Organizer: Iran Branch Chief Ahmad Shaghaghi

The 26th All Iranian Championship was held in Tehran on September 8-9, with a total of 700 competitors (in both Kata & Kumite) from 30 provinces.

European Open Szolnok Cup 2017

Date: September 2, 2017
Place: Szolnok, Hungary
Organizer: Hungary Branch Chief Furko Kalman & Banzai Kyokushin Karate Kai

European Open Szolnok Cup 2017-International Fullcontact Karate Championship in memory of Shihan Dr. Gyorgy Karmazin Report