European Open Szolnok Cup 2018

Date: September 1, 2018
Place: Szolnok, Hungary
Organizer: Hungary Branch Chief Furko Kalman & Banzai Kyokushin Karate Kai

European Open Szolnok Cup 2018-International Fullcontact Karate Championship Report

Message from WKO President (September & October 2018)

Dear Branch Chiefs and Contacts,

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding towards the activities and principles of WKO. In Japan, the very hot summer has ended, and we are starting to feel the cool autumn breeze. This summer, there were several large-scale natural disasters in Japan, and many were victimized by the earthquakes and typhoons. I sincerely hope for the quick reconstruction and recovery of the affected areas and victims.

Special Demonstration at the 2018 Taiwan Culinary Exhibition

Date: August 10-13, 2018
Place: Taipei, Taiwan
Organizer: Taiwan Branch

The same as last year, Taiwan Branch carried out a Karate demonstration at the 2018 Taiwan Culinary Exhibition which was organized by the Taiwan Visitors Association in Taipei, Taiwan.

Polish National Summer Camp 2018

Date: August 29-September 1, 2018
Place: Zakopane, Poland
Organizer: WKO Poland Branch (PFKS, President Remigiusz Karpinski)

The summer camp of the PFKS (Polska Federacja Karate Shinkyokushinkai) was held at the heart of the Polish mountains in Zakopane from August 29 to September 1.

17th All Asia Shinkyokushin Karate Championship 2018 Result

17th ALL ASIA Shinkyokushin Karate Championship
2nd September 2018