Hungarian Mas Oyama Memorial Cup

Hungarian Mas Oyama Memorial Cup


Polish Shinkyokushin Summer Camp 2014

Date: August 28-31, 2014
Place: Gizycko, Poland
Organizer: WKO Poland Branch

On August 28-31, the Polish Shinkyokushin Summer Camp 2014 was held in Giżycko.


The 15th Asia Open tournament

The 15th Asia Open Shinkyokushin Karate Championship

Shihan György Karmazin, PhD. gives a toast

Silver Pelican Award to Shihan György Karmazin, PhD.

Date: September 1, 2014

On 1st September 2014, Shihan György Karmazin PhD., 5 Dan Branch Chief took over the “Ezüst Pelikán (Silver Pelican) Award”

A  Sato and Patryk fights

Degeiko Fighting Seminar

Date:August 23rd, 2014
Place:New Jersey, USA
Organizer:USA Branch Chief Roman Herman

Degeiko Fighting Seminar to celeblate WKO-Branch Chief, Roman Herman’s 37 years of practicing Kyokushin and 11 years of New Jersey Dojo was held in New Jersey, USA on August 23rd.