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Spain Talan Branch Summer Camp 2015

Date: June 25-28, 2015
Place: Sepulveda, Spain
Organizer: Spain Branch Chief Jesus Talan

The Spanish Shinkyokushinkai Federation (Branch Chief Jesus Talan), held its Summer Camp 2015 in Sepulveda during June 25-28, 2015.

Lachezar Dimitrov - back kick

French Open 2015

Date : June 13th, 2015
Place : Loos-Lille, France
Organizers : France Branch Chief Pascal Rouxel and Sempai Sebastien Vanroyen

The French Open 2015 was held in Loos-Lille on June 13th, 2015.



With the participation of 42 athletes and instructors of Shinkyokushinkai and Kyokushikai Karate, the 18th Greek Summer Camp was successfully conducted at the beautiful island of Skiathos during the dates 28/6-02/07.


Message from WKO President ( July 2015 )

Dear Branch Chiefs and Contacts,

First of all, I would like to start my message by expressing my appreciation to all of you for your warm support for our organization.
The competitors who will participate in the 11th World Championship, the highest level tournament in the Budo Karate world, will be decided very soon. Although we have recently focused the management of the organization on the inclusion of Full Contact Karate in the Olympic Games, if the ultimate stage for the sport aspect of Karate is the Olympic Games, then it can also be said that this World Championship, is the same for the Budo aspect of Karate, which acts as an opposite.


The 17th Uzbekistan Junior Championship

Date: May 2nd-3rd
Place: Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Organizer: Uzbekistan Branch Chief Khasan Nazarov

The 17th Championship among juniors was held by the center Republic of Uzbekistan Shinkyokushinkai “NUR-HAS” on the 2nd and 3rd of May, 2015, in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.