4 Jeremy Chee vs. Michinori Goto

Singapore Full Contact Open tournament 2014

Date: 26 July 2014
Host branch: WKO Singapore
Venue: Orchid country club
No. of participants: 24 fighters (22 fighters – male adult, 2 fighters-11 yrs children)

WKO Singapore national open tournament, also invited other full contact karate fighters such as Ashihara kaikan and Jissen.

Mas Oyama Memorial Cup

The following will be the official tournament draw for the Hungarian Mas Oyama Memorial Cup 2014, which will be held on September 6th (Sat.), 2014 in Veszprem, Hungary.


Poland Gwizd Branch Summer Camp 2014

Date: August 10-17, 2014
Place: Solina, Poland
Organizer: Poland Branch Chief Wieslaw Gwizd

The summer camp organized by WKO Branch Chief Wieslaw Gwizd took place in Solina, Poland on August 10-17.


General Notice for Competitors for Karate Dream Cup 2014 International Championship

1.Please read this notice thoroughly and carefully.

Also, be sure to follow the “General Schedule”, and keep valuables in your possession at all times.


Poland Basiak Branch Summer Camp 2014

Date: August 2-3, 2014
Place: Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Poland
Organizer: Tomasz Basiak WKO BC & Jacek Baranowski WKO BC
Host Club: UKS Sparta Sport Club (Grodzisk Mazowiecki City)
Instructors: Shihan G. Popov, Sensei V. Dimitrow, Sensei D. Popov
Number of participants: 90

During August 2-3, Tomasz Basiak Branch organized a summer camp with Shinkyokushin instructors from Bulgaria: Shihan Georgi Popov, Sensei Valeri Dimitrov, and Sensei Dimitar Popov.