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All KPK Full Contact Open Karate Championship 2022


Date: 5th June 2022
Place: Hakimabad Nowshera, Pakistan
Organizer: WKO Pakistan (Branch Chief Sahib Zada Al Hadi)

All Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Full Contact Karate Open Championship took place in Hakimabad Nowshera of KPK province on 5th June 2022. This championship was organized by Branch chief Sahibzada Al Hadi, the Chairman of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Full Contact Karate Association (Shinkyokushin) in collaboration with Nowshera District Sports Office.
A total of 115 competitors from all over the province participated in the tournament, and 30 officials attended the event. Branch chief Sahibzada Al Hadi performed the main referee along with ten other referees. DSO Zakiullah Khan Baba and other personalities distributed the prizes among the players of KPK Peshawar Pakistan.

Medalists of each category:
(1) -35kg Talha from Shahbaz Center Peshawar (gold) Charsadda’s Hamza Khan (silver) Shahbaz Center’s Dildar and Dir’s Mujeeb-ur-Rehman (bronze)

(2) -45kg Abdul Wali of Haripur (gold) Nisar Ahmed of Sarfraz Center Peshawar (silver) Moeez Ahmed of Charsadda and Aokash of TVC (bronze)

(3) -55kg Awal Khan from Haripur (gold) Zubair Ahmed of Sarfraz Center (silver) Inayatullah and Zia-ur-Rehman (bronze)

(4) -65kg Kamran Khan from Mandni (gold) M Asif from Baghbanan Peshawar (silver) Anas Alam from Mandni & Emad Ud Din from Dir (bronze)

(5) -75kg Arshad Khan of Haripur (gold) Gul Rehman (silver) Obaid-ur-Rehman of Nowshera and Samiullah of Haripur (bronze)

(6) Open Weight Abdul Wahid from Haripur (gold) Mushtaq (silver) Emad Ud Din from mandni & Salim Khan from Haripor (bronze)