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EKO European Championship 2022


Date: 2nd April,2022
Place: Tarnow, Poland
Organizer: Poland Branch

EKO European Championship 2022 in weight categories took place in Tarnow on 2nd April 2022 at Jaskółka Tarnów Arena. Hundred and eighty-one competitors from 22 countries participated in the competition.

Poland hosted the European Championship on an emergency basis after the resignation of a country. Therefore, we should especially thank the organizing committee of the European Championship, which, under the leadership of Wojciech Hajduk, worked: Krystian Bajan, Magdalena Hajduk, and Agnieszka Ząbek, in close cooperation with the PFKS Board.

The main partner of the European Championship was the Małopolska Region, and the partners were the Tarnów Poviat and the city of Tarnów.

Particularly noteworthy was the Arena Tarnów Jaskółka, which looked impressive after fixing all the banners, arranging uniform mats, and a special podium for speeches and awarding ceremony. All this, combined with nearly 2 thousand spectators, gave a great dimension to the Championships, which was constantly emphasized by the members of the EKO Board, competitors, and coaches of foreign teams.

The opening ceremony and the awarding ceremony were attended by: EKO President Koen Scharrenberg, PFKS President Remigiusz Karpinski, MP – Anna Pieczarka, Deputy Marshal of Małopolska Voivodship – Józef Gawron, Vice – Governor of Tarnów Poviat – Tomasz Stelmach, President of Tarnów City – Roman Ciepiela, Vice President of Tarnów City – Bogumiła Porębska, President of Tarnów Poviat Council – Paweł Smoleń, Director of the Marshal’s Office – Krystian Zieliński.

On 1st April 2022, the Annual General Assembly of the European Karate Organization was held before the European Championships.
Photos taken by Mr. Mateusz Golomb.

EKO European Championship 2022 result