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Shinkyokushinkai Karate Sri Lanka- Amarasinghe Branch Kata Champion 2024


Date:6th April 2024
Place: Werahera, Colombo
Organizer: Sri Lanka Branch (Branch Chief Mahesh Amarasinghe)

On April 6th, 2024, the Shinkyokushin Kata Tournament, named KATA Champion 2024, was successfully held at Club Fusion Indoor Stadium, Werahera, Colombo. This event, organized by the Mahesh Amarasinghe branch of WKO Sri Lanka, under the guidance of Branch Chief Sensei Mahesh Gayan Amarasinghe, marked a significant moment for karate in the region, showcasing the dedication and skills of over 70 participating students from Sensei Amarasinghe’s dojos.

The tournament featured a comprehensive set of categories, accommodating competitors from under 6 to 17 years old, across both male and female divisions. The judging panel, comprised of respected black belt Sempai’s Dewna, Gahanath, Yasindu, and Sethumi, with myself as the main judge, ensured the integrity and fairness of the competition. Winners in each category were duly recognized with medals, trophies, and certificates, a testament to their hard work and mastery.

A novel aspect of this year’s tournament was the integration of a paperless, online tournament management system. This digital approach facilitated the seamless organization of matches, division of participants into age-specific categories, and management of the single-elimination bracket system. This not only streamlined the operational aspect of the tournament but also introduced a level of efficiency and accuracy previously unseen in local karate competitions.

The KATA Champion 2024 serves as a model for future martial arts events, highlighting the potential of combining traditional karate practices with modern technological solutions. The successful execution of this tournament reflects the growing stature of Shinkyokushin karate in Sri Lanka, bolstered by a commitment to nurturing young talent and promoting the values of discipline and excellence in martial arts.

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