EUROPEAN CHILDREN SHINKYOKUSHIN KARATE CUP 2012On Saturday (November 3) 10h in the morning, the young warriors of the teams began to gather around the Dunaszerdahely sports hall. Slowly but surely they filled the hall, and even the bleachers.
Almost 300 entries from 7 countries (Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Slovakia) from 37 Clubs were received for the competition. This number is a very serious matter, and reveals a high quality event! The teams started slowly, and warmed up to tune in for the race. The opening ceremony started with the clubs section at 12F. Markovic János the Slovak Shinkyokushin Karate Organisation President, the Seishin Karate Club leader (the race organizer) greeted the event sponsors, competition judges, clubs, managers, and Mgr Takács Tímea Education, Social, Sports and Culture department, who also opened the event. The award ceremony began at 19h with the announcement of winners for 21 categories (Results list attached). The organizing club finished with 1 silver and 7 bronze medals in the team competition .
Stefanovics Dojo Victory Martfű (HU), Jászberény (HU) destiny, and Lohvitsa (UK) 3. place.

Thanks to the club’s leaders for preparing and bringing their competitors to the event.

Results Europen Cup Children