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Shinkyokushinkai Uruguay Annual Meeting 2012


Date : 15th Dec 2012
Place: Uruguay
Organizer : WKO Uruguay Branch

On December Saturday the 15th, all teacher´s final meeting was held.
We have reviewed all the major events in 2012, highlighting several
structural changes that are going to take effect in our organization.
Besides that, various subjects for upcoming 2013 have agreed and the
details of the most important activities have discussed.
The most important subject among them is the incorporation of six new
Branch chief, which lead us to a structure of total 8 department heads
for our country. Norberto Sena Senpai was appointed as the WKO Uruguay
General Manager and 2 new members – in charge of Press, marketing and
We all are convinced that WKO Uruguay had a superlative growth in 2012
with many outstanding activities and that in 2013 this growth will be
steady and rising with many important projects. At the end of the
meeting, Awards were given to outstanding competitors, colleagues,
teachers, etc..
Thus Shinkyokushinkai Uruguay continues to strengthen and proving to
be the largest Budo Karate Organization in Uruguay.