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The Slovakian Open Shinkyokushin Championship 2023


Date: 27 May, 2023
Place: Dunajská Streda, Slovakia
Organizer: Slovakia Branch (Branch Chief/Country Representative Janos Markovics)

The biggest tournament of the year, the Open Slovakian Championship, was again held in Dunaszerdahely, and it was a great success. The tournament attracted 340 entries from 26 clubs from 4 countries (Hungary, Croatia, Poland and Slovakia). 50 entries from Seishin Karate Club came in, things seem to normalize after the Covid situation.

The competition was opened by Attila Karafa (Deputy Mayor of Dunajská Streda). He welcomed the competitors and parents and thanked the city of Dunajská Streda for hosting this great event for many years.

He also welcomed

– Master Vladimír Belakot, the national representative of the Croatian Shinkyokushin Karate Organisation

– Kristína Hupian, Ádám Markovics, Nikolas Trenčík, Zoltán Cserepes and Lara Vígh, coaches of the Seishin Karate Club, who work hard all year round.

– Bendegúz Bíró and Csongor Sárai who have already represented the club in two International competitions this year.

After that, János Markovics (Head of the Slovakian Shinkyokushin Organisation) gave a special welcome to the competitors who fought wholeheartedly on the tatami. He then thanked the city of Dunaszerdahely, the sponsors and the parents for supporting this great event. He highlighted that this is a very important event in the life of the club, because they put a lot of emphasis on the education of the youngsters.

The competition was contested from the age of 6 to adult. The fights took place from 10am on 5 tatamis. The national competitors performed well, with Bendegúz Bíró winning his first fight with two head kicks and then defeating his opponent in the final by knockout to take first place. Csongor Sárai was competing in two categories. In the first rules system, in which he will compete at the European Championships, he finished first. In the other category he came second. It was a good experience before the big competition in Debrecen. Pullman Vivien won the first competition of her life, following the instructions of her coach. Márk Dömötör won both his fights, and finished on first place. Dorka Bogyai, Axel Hansen and Kristóf Rácz improved a lot and won both their fights. All club members are to be commended.

The competitors competed with great enthusiasm and quality, and the coaches are to be commended for their preparation. 10 competitors from the Seishin Karate Club, which organized the competition, won first place.

Official results list attached.

Rankings of the Seishin Karate Club

1st place: Bendegúz Bíró, Vivien Pullman, Nadin Újj, Hussein Yaseen, Axel Hansen (Dunajská Streda) Kincső Viktória Csölle, Dorka Bogyai, Kristóf Rácz (Okoč), Márk Dömötör (Zemianska Olča), Csongor Sárai (Kameničná)

2nd place: Áron Szabó, Áron Botha, Simon Kubicska, Peter Hansen (Dunajská Streda), Lara Vígh (Okoč), Péter Tanító, Csongor Sárai, János Forró, Leila Valéria Forró (Kameničná)

3rd place: Zsófia Polin, Botond Lavu, Liza Bartalos, Lenke László, Gabriel Póša, Viktória Póša, Csongor Dórák, Petra Földes (Dunajská Streda), Koppány Tóth, Olívia Vajkai, Anna Derján, Nimród Horváth, Patrik Dolník, Alex Papp, Luca Sárai (Kameničná), Máté Tercs, Máté Leboda (Okoč)

The 2022 Sportsperson of the Year Award went to Bendegúz Bíró, who has performed excellently throughout the year.

Official competition results (advanced category)