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Singapore Full Contact Open tournament 2014


Date: 26 July 2014
Host branch: WKO Singapore
Venue: Orchid country club
No. of participants: 24 fighters (22 fighters – male adult, 2 fighters-11 yrs children)

WKO Singapore national open tournament, also invited other full contact karate fighters such as Ashihara kaikan and Jissen.
We had also invited VIPs, Branch chiefs from other Karate Style, such as Ashihara kaikan karate(芦原会館空手), Jissen Kaikan(実戦会館)and Shinbudo(心武道).
WKO Singapore had been trying to work together with other full contact Karate styles to build up a healthy life style in Singapore community since 2013.

This was a 2nd tournament mixed with other full contact karate style fighters, the first SFC (Singapore Full Contact) tournament was held Nov 2013 as weight category.
This time July 2014 SFC tournament was for open tournament.
There were 22 male adult fighters and 2 children fighters for exhibition match.
Champion, 2nd place and 3rd place are all WKO Singapore fighter.

List Prize for winners:
Champion – Wu Jie Jun (WKO Singapore)
2nd – Ronald Benard (WKO Singapore)
3rd – Hariz Adam (WKO Singapore)
Best Spirit – Bervyn Lim (WKO Singapore)
Best Technique – Joel Ang (WKO Singapore)

President Midori had had an interview with Japanese media, J plus, and introduced WKO Shinkyokushinkai to Singapore nationwide.
The tournament had successfully ended showing the unity of full contact karate as in Singapore. WKO Singapore will continue to have SFC tournament every year and will try to have firm bond with other full contact karate styles.

We had a President Kenji Midori and Shihan Norichika Tsukamoto’s World champion seminar on 27 Jul Sun.
There were about 100 members participated the seminar, back to the basic for Kihon led by President Kenji Midori and Fighters techniques for counter attack by Shihan Norichika Tsukamoto.
Singapore members had very valuable time throughout the seminar.