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Degeiko Fighting Seminar


Date:August 23rd, 2014
Place:New Jersey, USA
Organizer:USA Branch Chief Roman Herman

Degeiko Fighting Seminar to celeblate WKO-Branch Chief, Roman Herman’s 37 years of practicing Kyokushin and 11 years of New Jersey Dojo was held in New Jersey, USA on August 23rd.
Regardless of many cancellations in the last minute we had a successful seminar.
Roman Sensei conducted 3 hours of hard training.
The following people received Appreciation Awards for their great contribution and support.

●Rev. Edward Szpiech for continuous support and sponsorship of our Garfield Dojo.
●Rev. Marek Wiorkiewicz Sempai for enormous effort at the beginning of our dojo facility development.
●Marek Kudlinski Sempai for his great support of our media and marketing to the world.
●Jan Tertel Sempai for his long term contribution. (the first student of Roman Sensei since 1978).