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All Russian Shinkyokushinkai Championship


Date: November 28, 2020
Place: Moscow Martial Arts Center
Organizers: Russian WKO Federation (Shihan Leonid Ilyushkin) and Sports Club “Bushido” (Shihan Konstantin Bely).
Photos by Yury Vishniakov and Viktor Rozhkov

On November 28, the Russian Shinkyokushinkai Championship took place at the Moscow Martial Arts Center. Due to the restrictions associated with the coronavirus, the organizing committee had to deal with various challenges. The championship was postponed three times before the final venue was agreed with the state authorities. Moreover, Russia’s supervisory authorities demanded additional restrictions, such as holding competitions without spectators, “contactless” awarding of prizes, the obligatory presence of protective masks for all participants of the event, etc.
In addition, due to COVID disease, several strong athletes – prizewinners of the last Russian championship, declined the participation. Nevertheless, the tournament was excellent and at a high level. One hundred forty competitors from 24 regions competed and showed excellent technique and a real will to win.
The collective efforts of the Organizing Committee headed by Shihan Leonid Ilyushkin and Shihan Konstantin Bely brought this event to great success.
The tournament was attended by the Honorary President of the Shinkyokushinkai Federation of Russia, Mr.Sergey Ryabukhin, WKO Russia Regional Representative, Shihan Yuri Shabanov, and the Executive Committee Chairman of the Russian Kyokushinkai Association, Mr.Sergey Suvorov.

Russian Championship Results