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New Era for WKO Kazakhstan


The WKO Kazakhstan has developed due to the hard work of the great leader, Shihan Kairtay Sarmanov so far.
After that, Shihan Bolat Baktayev took over his position of a Country Representative as a new leader in July 2022.
Also, those who are world class competitors, Mr. Vladimir Artyushin, Mr. Alexey Leonov, Mr. Dmitry Moiseyev, and Ms. Mariya Gridneva, who have finished their last bouts and are currently devoting themselves to training future generations.
Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, new strong competitors, who succeeded them, have been gaining momentum in the country.
Their efforts paid off at the 13th World Karate Championship held in Tokyo, Japan in October 2023.
As a result, a young warrior and leader of the new generation, Mr. Anton Zimarev, won the respectable 4th place at this championship.
While the top finishers of this tournament, the champion, Mr. Kembu Iriki, and the runner-up, “European Ironman”, Mr. Valeri Dimitrov, who challenged their final bouts, it can be considered that Mr. Anton Zimarev would be the closest to becoming the next World Champion.
In the meantime, the WKO Kazakhstan will hold an “International Memorial Tournament” in Almaty on October 18th – 19th 2024, which is exactly one year after the 13th World Karate Championship. Do not miss the new departure of the WKO Kazakhstan which is at the current center of attraction.

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