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Moldova International Camp 2016


Date: March 24-27, 2016
Place: Chisinau, Moldova
Organizer: Moldova Branch Chief Aurel Condrea

The Moldova International Camp 2016 was held in Chisinau on March 24-27, 2016. 3 countries and 125 participants in order with Shihan Alexander Goncharenko 5 Dan (Ukraine), Sensei Aurel Condrea 4 Dan (Moldova), and Sensei Sangeorzan Radu 4 Dan (Romania) took part in the camp. Under Shihan’s mentorship all students passed the kihon technique till the 3 Dan. Bogdanovych Igor, passed the exam for 3 Dan.

This year’s camp was very strong and dynamic. Shihan has a very quick and advanced technique, and it was a great pleasure to learn from him. The group was divided in three parts, and was trained by three instructors. The general assembly took place in the morning of the March 24. All 16 Clubs from the Moldova Federation, together with students and trainers from 3 different countries began the seminar with 4 trainings per day. The trainings were mainly focused on Kata and Kata Bunkai.