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French Seminar 2018


Date : June 8-10, 2018
Place : Loos, France
Organizer : Branch Chief Sebastien Vanroyen

The French FSKO Seminar took place on the 8th, 9th and 10 June in Loos in the dojo of the Branch Chief Sensei Sébastien Vanroyen and brought together more than 100 participants.

We had two special guests : Sensei Valeri Dimitrov and Sensei An Polimeno, assisted by Shihan Pascal Rouxel, Sensei José Pernas, Sensei Johnny Desmedt and Sensei Sébastien Vanroyen.
All aspects of our discipline were approached in a serious and friendly atmosphere : katas for novices and experienced, fights for novices and experienced, and high interval intensity training.

The seminar ended with the traditional fights, after which the results of grading were announced by Shihan Pascal, with eight new shodan, three new nidan and two new sandan.
The new FSKO organization ends its first season in a very positive way, after the 10th Open of France in March and this national seminar which in our memory is the most important ever organized for our organization in France.