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Canada Ohan Branch The 25th New Storm Championship


Date: November 11th, 2023
Place: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Organizer: Canada Branch (Branch Chief Camille Ohan)

THE 25th New Storm Championship with 300 participants was held at College Letendre 1000, L’avenir Laval, Quebec, Canada on November 11th 2023.
This event was a gathering for all the participants and their families.
This day remembers the end of the First World War and is an opportunity to remember all those who defended the nation.
The budo spirit reigned throughout the day. The event was composed of two parts, first for ages 5 to 12 and the second for ages 12 and over, categories of kata, group katas, Elite katas, semi contact kumite, Full contact, and Knockdown, all was full of energy and emotion.
Instructors and dojo directors showed us their gratitude, the Branch chiefs of WKO Shinkyokushin Canada were present to strengthen the image of the Canadian organization.

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