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The 7th South American Championship


Date:September 19-20, 2014
Place:Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Organizer:Bolivia Contact Reynaldo M. Hoyos

The 7th South American Championship was held on September 19th and 20th in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.The Athletes from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay have participated in this Championship.
This Championship was selective for the 11th World Championship, and Djefini Carvalho took the seat for it.

After the Championship, the election of the South American Region was held, and Shihan Denivaldo Carvalho from Brazil became the new President of the South American Region.
Branch Chief Francisco Cornejo from Chile was elected as the Vice-President, and Branch Chief Sergio Pini from Argentina was elected as the Secretary.

<The Official Results>
Open Male
1st Place Adriano Hernandez (Uruguay)
2nd Place Luan Vieira (Brazil)
3rd Place Federico Dias (Uruguay)
3rd Place Leonardo Araujo (Uruguay)

Open Female
1st Place Djefini Carvalho (Brazil)
2nd Place Fabiola Vasquez (Chile)
3rd Place Asia Araujo (Uruguay)
3rd Place Caroline Oliveira (Brazil)

Male Juvenile
1st Place Joao Vitor Sampaio (Brazil)
2nd Place Djemison Carvalho (Brazil)
3rd Place Alfredo Gozalvez (Argentina)
3rd Place Matias Tati (Chile)

Female Juvenile
1st Place Melissa Araujo (Uruguay)
2nd Place Patricia Rodrigues (Paraguay)
3rd Place Makarena Molina (Chile)
3rd Place Isidora Figueroa (Chile)

1st Place Miguel Trindade (Paraguay)
2nd Place Ezequiel Rufino (Brazil)
3rd Place Daniel Lazarte (Bolivia)
3rd Place Jose Isais Garcia (Bolivia)