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The 7th Iraqi Youth Karate Championship


Date: July 22, 2018
Place: Baghdad, Iraq
Organizer: Iraq Branch Chief Ayad Al Khafaji

On July 22, the 7th Iraqi Youth Karate Championship was held in Baghdad, under the patronage and sponsorship of the Iraqi Ministry of Youth and Sport, the Iraqi Central Union, the Iraqi Shinkyokushinkai Committee (led by Branch Chief Ayad Al Khafaji), and the attendance and supervision of Shihan Hachem Makki, WKO Board Member for the Middle East Region.

The championship had over 50 participants under the age of 17, from the following dojos.

-Bushido Dojo
-Kamikaze Dojo
-Mountada Al Houseiniya
-Layth Center

A training camp was held after the tournament, and certificates were distributed to the participants.

This step is considered to be a model that WKO Middle East will take into consideration, in preparation for a bigger event to take place as an open weight championship for advanced students from all Middle East countries.