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17th North American Championship


Date: 16 Nov 2013
Organizer: WKO North America Region ( Branch Chief :Camille Ohan )

The 17th North American Championship held on November 16 was a great success. This competition which was promoted by Shihan Camille Ohan who welcomed over 400 competitors from 30 Kyokushin and Shinkyokushin dojos around Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince-Edward-Island, and Kazakhstan. Approximately 65% of the competitors were from Shinkyokushin dojos. We were honored to have with us the Branch Chief and the 4th World Cup Champion, Sensei Mariya Gridneva from Astana, Kazakhstan and her team. Also amongst the group of Shinkyokushin representatives were Branch Chiefs; Shihan Camille Ohan, Shihan Guy Salter, Shihan Alain Bordeleau, Sensei Normand Bordeleau, Sensei Luciano Paparella, Sensei Adrien Rochon, and Sensei Keith Tanton.

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