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The XI Honduras Open Karate Championship


Date: June 19th, 2016
Place: Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Organizer: Honduras Branch Chief Nestor Cubas Alvarado

The XI Honduras Open Karate Championship Shinkyokushinkai was an amazing event, more than 70 competitors from around the country and from Costa Rica attended the largest Karate event to date.
Guests of honor were the Japanese Ambassador of Honduras, Mr. Kenji Okada, and the WKO Board Member of the Central America Region, Shihan Antonio Gonzalez.
Ambassador Okada and Shihan Gonzalez gave the welcoming and inaugural speeches at the Opening Ceremony, and Senpai José Gonzalez from Costa Rica was in charge of the Opening Drum (Opening Daiko).
For the Honduran adults athletes, this tournament ranked them for the National Team to participate in the All America’s Shinkyokushin Karate Championship 2016 (selection tournament for the 6th World Karate Championship in Weight Categories) which will be held in Costa Rica in November.

At the awarding ceremony, Mr. Gonzalez acting as the WKO Board Member, awarded the Branch Chief Certificate to Mr. Nestor Cubas Alvarado, which was issued in Japan earlier this year.
Then Ambassador Okada awarded the prize winners of every category.


Boys Super Lightweight
1. Sergio Toro
2. Oscar Calderon
3. Paolo Muñoz

Boys Lightweight
1. Andres Duron
2. Eduardo Murillo
3. Jose Gabriel Lopez

Boys Light Middleweight
1. Josue Cartagena
2. Daniel Rosales
3. Oscar Flores

Boys Middleweight
1. Angel Solano
2. Leonel Mejia
3. Luis Asfura

Boys Lightheavy Weight
1. Fernando Hernandez Villalta
2. Adrian Rodriguez
3. Adrian Castillo

Boys Heavyweight
1. Nahum Lainez
2. Diego Rodriguez
3. Alejandro Chinchilla

Youths Lightweight
1. Joel Palma
2. Douglas Castillo
3. Fernando Pacheco

Youths Middleweight
1. Ariel Domingez
2. Newton Melendez
3. Isac Lainez

Youths Heavyweight
1. Andres Carias
2. Luis Maldonado
3. Marvin Oliva

MALE Lightweight National Ranking
1. Felipe Mendoza
2. Rudy Martinez
3. Gabriel Alonzo
3. Jose Cabrera

MALE Middleweight National Ranking
1. José Gonzalez
2. Luis Pedro Bueso
3. Marlon Murillo

MALE Heavyweight National Ranking
1. Ricardo Saenz
2. Isaac Castillo
3. Carlos Ortiz


Girls Lightweight
1. Nicolle Duron
2. Marcela Molina

Girls Heavyweight
1. Andrea Melendez
2. Alejandra Muñoz

Female Youth Open
1. Carmen Montoya
2. Martha Paz
3. Nathalie Sierra

Female Open National Ranking
1. Reina Montoya
2. Greissy Molina
3. Ana Izaguirre
3. Gladelina Martinez