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Canada Gilbert Branch First Shinkyokushin Outdoor Seminar

Date: October 6, 2019
Place: Mount-Royal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Organizer: Branch Chief Andre Gilbert

The first Shinkyokushin outdoor seminar in open air was organized by Shihan André Gilbert.


Date: Saturday September 7, 2019
Location: Laval, Quebec, Canada
Organizer: Sutogure Dojo in Association with the Canadian Cancer Society

The first ever TEST YOUR MIGHT tournament was held in Laval, just outside Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on Saturday September 7th, 2019. Canadian Contact of the WKO, David Ricci Senseï created and developed the concept of a fundraising challenge in the context of a traditional Tameshiwari Karate board-breaking championship.

Canada West Island Dojo Grading Examination

Date: June 15, 2019
Place: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Organizer: Branch Chief John Kalaidopoulos

On June 15, the West Island Dojo of John Kalaidopoulos Branch, located in Montreal, Canada held a Yudansha examination (grading examination).

Canada Bordeleau Branch Grading Exam 2019

Date: May 31–June 1, 2019
Place: Greenfield Park, Quebec, Canada
Organizer: Branch Chief Alain Bordeleau and Branch Chief Normand Bordeleau

On Friday May 31st, thirteen candidates presented themselves at the Greenfield Park Dojo for their grading exam

Canada Gilbert Branch Special Grading Exam for Young Children

Date: May 27, 2019
Place: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Organizer: Branch Chief Andre Gilbert

On Monday, May 27th, at the International Shinkyokushin Karate school of Shihan André Gilbert, downtown Montreal, the grading exam was held for 45 students aged 2, 3, and 4 years old.