Message from WKO President(February & March 2017)


Message from WKO President(February & March 2017)Dear Branch Chiefs and Contacts,
Thank you for your continuous efforts for the further development of WKO. 1 month has passed already in 2017, a year of great hope. I am sure that all of you set your goals for this year when we entered the New Year, but in our daily activities, it is easy to lose sight of such goals. It would be ideal if we could discipline ourselves, keep sight of our goals, and make this a year of great development. Let us confirm again our mindset to keep true to our original intention.
The preparation work for the 6th World Karate Championship in Weight Categories has entered the main phase. Almost all of the selected competitors for the event have been announced by the end of January, and in early March, we will invite members of the host country to Japan, to hold the tournament draw meeting and discuss organizational issues. There is an extraordinary amount of preparation work behind the organizing of this world-class tournament, and the sincere will of WKO affiliated countries to cooperate and help the organizer, is vital in guiding the event to a great success. I would like to ask for the kind cooperation of all Branch Chiefs and Contacts, towards the organizer in their further preparation for the tournament. This tournament is being organized by different countries/regions in rotation, not only to further promote Budo Karate around the world, but also with the intent to share the heavy burden of organizing this event, and through the busy preparation work, deepen our bond by supporting each other. With the sharing of such experience, the foundation of our organization will only become stronger. Let us join hands to make this a wonderful tournament.

For the competitors who will participate in this event, I am sure that you will further intensify your training to prepare for the tournament. To push yourself to your limit, overcome such limit, and lift yourself to the next stage. Such efforts to improve by the competitor, will be of positive influence to others, and will push everyone to the next level. It is also important to enjoy the training process, even in the most hard and intense moments. Such bright personality, is a special characteristic of the competitor, and will lead to a great performance at the tournament, that will touch the hearts of the spectators. I believe that competitors with such traits will become the world No. 1, and reach the ultimate stage as a true Budoka. I am also convinced that such true Budoka will be great leaders in the international community, and become the future driving force of the world. I wish for the competitors in the tournament to participate in this honorable stage with such noble vision.

The environment within the Full Contact Karate world is also changing through time. It is almost a quarter of a century since the death of Sosai Oyama, and the framework built by the various Kyokushin groups that pursued their own sense of righteousness, appear to be gradually changing. Especially in such time of change, it is important for us to keep sight of what we must accomplish, in a straight and direct manner. To keep moving forward, without losing sight of our original intention. I strongly believe that people will naturally follow and support such straightforwardness.

The mission of WKO, is to further spread the greatness of Full Contact Karate, and with a definite presence, move towards the future. To avoid setting limits, influence others by action, and more than anything, have that special characteristic. I hope for all Branch Chiefs and Contacts to demonstrate such leadership, and let us make WKO the strongest and largest Budo organization. Lastly, let us continue our further development, in order to make WKO the symbolic leader of the Full Contact Karate world.

Kenji Midori
WKO President