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The XIII All Honduras Championship


Date: February 26th, 2017
Place: Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Organizer: Honduras Branch

The XIII All Honduras Championship gathered all the Shinkyokushin karateka from children of 6 years old to international competition level adults who wished to test their Budo Spirit.

Ariel Dominguez once again defeated all his opponents in the youth category to achieve a fourth gold medal in a row. In the Male Adults Heavyweight, Carlos Ortiz received no opposition to make his tenth all time National title. Egla Gattorno gave the tournament’s pleasant surprise after defeating both Ana Izaguirre and Reina Montoya and getting her first time gold medal.

Full Contact Karate is enjoyed by many people in Honduras, and Branch Chief Nestor Cubas Alvarado is making all efforts to get even more kids and adults. The next Championship is due the month of June and there is high expectation by the media and the Karateka of all Honduras.

Prize Winners:

Lightweight (6 Years Old)
1. Giulianna Alvarado
2. Fernanda Vindel
3. Maria Jose Vindel

Middleweight (10 Years Old)
1. Andrea Aguiluz
2. Alejandra Avilez

Teenagers Middleweight
1. Samantha Flores
2. Valeria Torres

Adults Intermediate Level
1. Andrea Herrera
2. Carmen Montoya
3. Yoselin Banegas

Adults Advanced
1. Egla Gattorno
2. Reina Montoya
3. Greissy Molina Lara

Adults Lightweight
1. Luis Pedro Bueso
2. Felipe Mendoza
3. Herlin Ventura

Adults Heavyweight
1. Carlos Ortiz
2. Marlon Murillo
3. Bladimir Jaen

Under 20 Years Old
1. Andres Carias
2. Victor Carbajal
3. Cristian Cruz

Youth Middleweight
1. Ariel Dominguez
2. Newton Melendez
3. Esdras Banegas
3. Cristian Iovino

10 Years Heavyweight
1. Angel Solano
2. Cristian Mejia

8-9 Years Middleweight
1. Oscar Flores
2. Jeremy Melendez
3. Daniel Rosales

9-10 Years Middle Weight
1. Sebastian Canales
2. Adrian Castillo
3. Angel Solano

8 Years Advanced Middleweight
1. Eduardo Murillo
2. Santiago Jaen
3. Andres Duron

8 Years Beginners Lightweight
1. Marcio Cabañas
2. Gustavo Calderon

6-7 Years Lightweight
1. Santiago Canales
2. Paolo Muñoz