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The 18th International Junior Tournament “Young Master”


Date: December 28, 2019
Place: Sports hall “Moscow Center of Martial Arts”, Moscow, Russia,
Organizer: Yuriy Shabanov WKO Russia Branch – Dojo Sport Club “Bushido”, head Konstantin Bely, 5 Dan

450 Karateka from 25 regions of Russia, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan and Abkhazia republic participated in the 18th International Junior Tournament “Young Master” in Shinkyokushinkai WKO which was organized by the Sport Club “Bushido” (Yuriy Shabanov WKO Russia Branch, Russia Shinkyokushinkai Karate Federation) in Moscow on Saturday December 28, 2019.

The tournament and participants were welcomed by a letter from the Deputy Minister of Sports of Russia.
Competitions were held in three age groups (10-11, 12-13, 14-15 years old) in 35 weight categories.

At the tournament, absolutely all winners and prize-winners were awarded not only with medals and diplomas, but also with cups, valuable prizes and special gifts. In addition, all participants, without exception, including losers, received memorable gifts and souvenirs.

A special gift to the participants was an informal communication with the best students of Sports Club “Bushido”, who are World 2017 WKO Championship prize-winner Anna Vishniakova, 3 Dan WKO; World 2015 KWU Champion Anna Virabyan, 3 Dan WKO; multiple WKO champions of Russia and European countries Dzunai Alieva, 2 Dan WKO; Antonina Ismailova, 2 Dan WKO; and Denis Morozevich, 1 Dan.
However, the main achievement of the organizers was the festive atmosphere and good mood of the children and their parents on New Year’s Eve.
On Sunday, for the guests from Czech Shinkyokushnkai and Branch Chief Jiří Žofčin, an excursion was held in the center of Moscow with a visit to historical places and the Moscow Kremlin.