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Uzbekistan Kumite Seminar


Date: May 29th & July 2nd , 2018
Place: Navoi, Uzbekistan
Organizer: Uzbekistan Branch, Sensei Mutal Nazarov

On May 29th, the Center Shinkyokushinkai Karate Republic of Uzbekistan “Nur-Has” organized a Kumite seminar in the Karate Academy for the development of Shinkyokushinkai Karate. The main trainer was Sensei Mutal Nazarov, and 200 Karatekas participated from some Dojos. After the Kumite training, Branch Chief and Country Representative of WKO Uzbekistan Khasan Nazarov held a grading examination, and the member of the Center, Muyassarov Kamolliddin, passed 1st Dan.

It was a traditional Karate seminar held in the Karate Academy. The Karatekas gathered in the Karate Academy for such big events. (The Academy is a building for Karatekas of Shinkyokushinkai.)

On July 2nd, another Karate seminar was held by Sensei Mutal Nazarov, of which aim is to prepare the Karateka for future tournaments. The hard training was organized at the lake of Navoi city with 150 Karatekas. The participants had the opportunity to fight in the water.