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The 8th Open Cup among Juniors & the 11th Open Cup among Adults


Date: December 1-2, 2018
Place: Navoi, Uzbekistan
Organizer: Uzbekistan Branch

The 8th Open Cup among Juniors and the 11th Open Cup among Adults of the Center Shinkyokushinkai Karate “NUR-HAS” were held on December 1st-2nd, 2018 in Navoi, Uzbekistan.
There were the fighters in amount of 140 participants from 10 regions of Uzbekistan, and they competed in Kumite on weight categories.
Traditionally, all our tournaments are started with the congratulatory message from WKO President Kenji Midori. Our respect and thanks to President Midori, his message with blessings and wishes to all participants was read before the fights started. The events were held successfully.

The winners of the 8th Open Cup among Juniors , on December 1st
-20 kg
1st place. Makhmudov Bekmurod (Samarkand region)
2nd place. Kamolov Qodirjon (Navoi city)
3rd place. Abdurakhimov Temur (Samarkand region)

21-25 kg
1st place. Kamolov Sanjar (Navoi city)
2nd place. Erkinov Elyor (Navoi city)
3rd place. Mansurov Dilshod (Bukhara city)

26-30 kg
1st place. Najmiddinov Khurshid (Angren city)
2nd place. Odiljonov Amriddin (Navoi city)
3rd place. Kamolov Diyor (Navoi city)

31-35 kg
1st place. Rabbimov Maruf (Kattakurgan )
2nd place. Rabbimov Nurzod (Kattakurgan)
3rd place. Ruziyev Shokhjahon (Samarkand region)

36-40 kg
1st place. Lochin Khayrullayev (Samarkand region)
2nd place. Ernazarov Otamurod (Angren city)
3rd place. Karimov Azizbek (Kattakurgan)

41-45 kg
1st place. Xolmurodov Otbek (Samarkand region)
2nd place. Mardonov Tolib (Bukhara city)
3rd place. Nasriddinov Timur (Kattakurgan)

46-50 kg
1st place. Abduraxmonov Akbar (Samarkand region)
2nd place. Oblaqulov Ismoil (Samarkand region)
3rd place. Shukrullayev Feruz (Kattakurgan)

51-56 kg
1st place. Qarshiyev Sevinch bek (Samarkand region)
2nd place. Rajabov Ibrokhim (Samarkand region)
3rd place. Abdirasulov Akhmadjon (Navoi city)

56 Kg
1st place. Shavqiyev Navroz (Navoi city)
2nd place. Boriyev Khayot (Samarkand region)
3rd place. Toshmurodov Doston (Samarkand region)

20-25 kg
1st place. Mansurova Mamlakat (Bukhara city)
2nd place. Abdurasulova Albina (Kattakurgan)
3rd place. Sobirova Dilafruz (Samarkand region)

26-30 kg
1st place. Oripova Bonu (Navoi city)
2nd place. Nurillayeva Umida (Kattakurgan)
3rd place. Ikromova Mohinur (Samarkand region)

36-45 kg
1st place. Ramazonova Sadoqat (Samarkand region)
2nd place. Mahmudova Muatar (Samarkand region)
3rd place. Kholmurodova Marjona (Navoi city)

46- 55 kg
1st place. Sayfiyeva O`gilol (Navoi city)
2nd place. Khayrullayeva Sojida (Samarkand region)
3rd place. Abduraxmonova Marjona (Navoi city)

56 kg
1st place. Eshan qulova Durdona (Samarkand region)
2nd place. Turobova Durdona (Navoi city)
3rd place. Elmurodova Elmira (Navoi city)

The winners of the 11th Open Cup among Adults, on December 2nd
60 kg
1st place. Jabborov Murodillo (Navoi city)
2nd place. Samolov Xumoyun (Surkhondarya region)
3rd place. Eshmurodov Abduraim (Samarkand region)

66- 75 kg
1st place. Uralov Quvvat (Navoi city)
2nd place. Sulaymonov Khasan (Angren city)
3rd place. Bahodirov Jahongir (Samarkand region)

75 kg
1st place. Khamdanov Ulugbek (Tashkent city)
2nd place. Ergashev Olim (Nurota )
3rd place. Khushvaqtov Nurbek (Bukhara city)