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An Open International Tournament “NUR HAS CUP


Date: December 24th-25th, 2022
Place: Navoi, Uzbekistan
Organizer: Uzbekistan Branch (Branch Chief Khasan Nazarov)

“NUR HAS CUP”, an open international tournament among children, juniors, and adults was held on December 24th-25th, 2022 in Navoi, Uzbekistan.
The tournament was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of “NUR-HAS” karate center. In 1992, Mr. Khasan Nazarov founded and called it “NUR-HAS”. In English, “NUR“ means “ray, light” and “HAS” comes from Khasan, that is Khasan who sends out the light. From 1992, Mr. Khasan Nazarov has been developing Shinkyokushinkai Karate in Uzbekistan continuously.

The congratulatory message from President Kenji Midori was read at the opening ceremony.
In this tournament there were more than 100 fighters from Navoi, Bukhara, Samarkand, Namangan, Jizzakh, Tashkent and the fighters from Tadjikistan. Two days tournament was held successfully.

Girls (2012-2014) +25 kg (A)
1st place. Alimova Amaliya (Navoi)
2nd place. Togaymurodova Amanda (Navoi)
3rd place. Rakhmatov Hadichabonu

(2012-2014) +25 (B)
1st place. Mardonova Hadicha (Bukhara)
2nd place. Jurakulova Maftuna (Samarkand)
3rd place. Rakhmatova Hadicha (Navoi)

(2009-2010) +45 kg
1st place. Mansurova Mamlakat (Bukhara)
2nd place. Davidova Malika (Navoi)
3rd place. Abduvakhobova Diyora (Namangan)

(2007-2008) -55kg
1st place. Orolova Bonu (Navoi)
2nd place. Nishanova Kamola (Namangan)
3rd place. Madatova Khulkar (Navoi)

(2007-2008) +55 kg
1st place. Umarova Farangiz (Navoi)
2nd place. Kurboniyozov Sevinch (Bukhara)
3rd place. Saidakhmedova Makhliyo (Namangan)

(2002-2006) absolute weight category
1st place. Shodiyeva Mukhabbat (Navoi)
2nd place. Orolova Barno (Navoi)
3rd place. Yusupova Navruza (Samarkand)

Boys (2015-2016) -25kg
1st place. Zarafdjonov Akhliddin (Namangan)
2nd place. Erkinov Temur (Tashkent )
3rd place. Uktamov Kamron (Navoi)

(2015-2016) +25 kg
1st place. Radjabov Samir (Tadjikistan)
2nd place. Sherakhmedov Sunnatillo (Tashkent)
3rd place. Umidjonov Umardjon (Navoi)

(2013-2014) +30 kg
1st place. Safarov Sarvarbek (Samarkand)
2nd place. Boboyev Abdulaziz (Bukhara)
3rd place. Farkhodov Askar (Samarkand)

(2013-2014) -30kg
1st place. Umurzokov Firdavs (Samarkand)
2nd place. Mardonov Bilol (Bukhara)
3rd place. Ibragimov Abdullokh (Tadjikistan)

(2013-2014) -27 kg
1st place. Bekniyozov Temur ( Samarkand)
2nd place. Sayfutdinov Humoyun (Navoi)
3rd place. Sharafkhonzoda A . (Tadjikistan)

(2011-2012) +30 kg
1st place. Rakhmatov Zafarbek (Samarkand)
2nd place. Nazarov Mukhammadali (Tashkent)
3rd place. Dustov Shokhjakhon (Navoiy)

(2011-2012) -35kg
1st place. Ravshanov Alimardon (Samarkand)
2nd place.Uktamov Kamoliddin (Navoi)
3rd place. Usenov Dias (Navoi)

(2009-2010) -40 kg
1st place.Bobokulov Sarvarbek (Samarkand)
2nd place. Khasanov Ravshanbek (Bukhara)
3rd place. Eshmamatov Firdavs (Samarkand)

(2009-2010) +40 kg
1st place. Mardonov Tolibdjon (Bukhara)
2nd place. Akramov Azimbek (Samarkand)
3rd place. Khaydarov Salimullokhuja (Bukhara)

(2007-2008) -50 kg
1st place. Akramov Nurmuhammad (Namangan)
2nd place. Kurboniyozov Djavlonbek (Bukhara)
3rd place. Karimov Amirkhon (Bukhara)

(2007-2008) +50 kg
1st place. Mansurov Mukhammad (Bukhara)
2nd place. Sharifzoda Abubakr (Tadjikistan)
3rd place. Suleymanov Bakhrullo (Jizzakh)

Men -65 kg
1st place. Mukhammadov Doston (Navoi)
2nd place. Nematov Boborakhim (Samarkand)
3rd place. Bekniyozov Shokhrukh (Samarkand)

Men in absolute weight category
1st place. Djabborov Murodullo (Navoi)
2nd place. Bakhtoyorov Shamshod (Samarkand)
3rd place. Buriyev Khayotjon (Navoi)