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Technical Seminar by Sensei Gottardo Bianchi


Date:8th June, 2013
Place:Zanshin Dojo, Uruguay
Organizer: WKO Uruguay

On Saturday, June the 8th at the “Club Lacade” facilities where Zanshin Dojo works, a technical seminar by Gottardo Bianchi Sensei was held, who has recently returned to Uruguay after a busy month training staying in Japan. After training hard in one of Shihan Midori´s Dojo in Fukuoka city and having absorbed a good amount of knowledge, Gottardo Sensei provided what he learned to all who attended the seminar.

For nearly four hours was carried out an intense, dynamic and demanding training, which was based on all kinds of competition exercises such as to strengthen arms and legs, strengthening and assimilation, specific techniques, sparring, kumite, etc.. Regardless of the exercises themselves, the theme of the evening was the Osu no Seishin, that spirit of perseverance that should characterize any practitioner of Kyokushin Karate.

In short, an excellent training carried out with generosity and technical quality by Gottardo Sensei, very helpful to all who participated in. Being this a first instance that will be continued by another seminar given by Federico Diaz Senpai and Asia Araujo Senpai after their return to Japan in a few months.