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Shinkyokushinkai Karate Uruguay Branch Seminar in Rivera


Date: December 9, 2023
Place: City of Rivera, Northern Region of Uruguay
Organizer: Uruguay Branch

Uruguay Branch held the seminar on 9th December in Rivera city.
The event included general training, Grading exam and meeting of representatives of the area.
With the participation of almost 100 students, including adults and children from the northern region, a very complete and productive activity has conducted.

The event has started with a seminar and complete class for advanced level students, taught by Shihan Eduardo Garcia. Then followed with a rigorous Grading exam and ending the extensive activity of more than seven continuous hours, with a very productive meeting organized by Branch Chief Sebastian Scarlatta.
The meeting was attended by Dojos directors of the region, Mr. Elinton Flores, Mr. Edison De Los Santos, Mr. Sergio Rieta, Mr. Ezequiel Rodriguez, together with Shihan Eduardo Garcia, and discussed important topics focused on the planning of upcoming activities in the area, the growth and continued development of the Northern region of the Shinkyokushinkai Uruguay organization.

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