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The 22nd Indonesia Open Shinkyokushin Karate Championship


Date: June 23, 2019
Place: Jakarta, Indonesia
Organizer: Indonesia Branch

The 22nd Indonesia Open Shinkyokushin Karate Championship had been held in Teen Sport Hall at Grogol, Jakarta on June 23.

The event was opened by Shihan J.B. Sujoto who served as President of WKO Asia Shinkyokushinkai, and it was witnessed by Chairman Sensei Budiman Sutanto and also by All Indonesia Branch Chiefs and all Board Members of WKO Indonesia.
The opening of the event was marked by Wadaiko, dynamic playing of Japanese drum percussion performed by Daisei Takeya, sounding melodiously and harmoniously in the entire building which has the capacity of 1,000 persons.
In his welcoming speech, Sensei Budiman Sutanto expressed his gratefulness and appreciation to many parties which were personally, communally and as companies had participated in raising fund for the sake of independence and tolerance between members of the WKO Indonesia. He also expressed high appreciation to the Regional Branch Chiefs and Dojos that had sent their athletes whom had been prepared seriously for this event.

Also, Shihan J.B. Sujoto who also served as Head Instructor expressed a special appreciation to Sensei Budiman who served as the person responsible for the championship, in the form of a souvenir made of stainless steel with calligraphy letters “Shinkyokushin” written on it, which means “the New Kyokushin”.

In his speech, J.B. Sujoto asserted the great unyielding spirit and in giving one’s best effort in Karate training and in building Shinkyokushin Karate in all region.

In this occasion, Sensei Budiman Sutanto invited all who were present to stand in silence for few moments in honoring the good deeds of Shihan Bondan Gunawan who had passed away during the preparation period for the event. May his spirit rests peacefully in eternal heaven. The late Sensei Bondan Gunawan was the first chairman with the longest period. There were so many good deeds he had performed sincerely without expect anything for return, in giving himself for the Karate institution.

In his speech, Shihan Sujoto was deeply moved in tears for few moments as he spoke in wavering voice when mentioning the late sensei as a true friend. Shihan Bondan had sacrificed himself greatly and kept maintaining friendship and brotherhood by fostering the spirit of high mutual respect, loyalty and dedication.

The opening event was full with reverence and reflection about experience and meaning of both personal and communal life of the beloved Karate school. And it surely encouraged good and proper spirit, motivation and orientation for all the participants and officials, even all viewers who love this Full Contact Karate.

The event was cheerful and exciting from the start. All participants had given their best performance, but it was obvious who were better and who were the best in the matter of techniques and physics. Therefore, in all of the two classes of match for women and three classes of match for men, the old names still dominated first positions.