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Taiwan Special Demonstration in Qing Shui Service Area


Date: January 18, 2020
Place: Taichung, Taiwan
Organizer: Freeway Bureau of Ministry of Transportation and Communications, and Taiwan Branch

On January 18, a renewal opening ceremony of Qing Shui Service Area, the biggest service area in Taiwan, by a joint undertaking, and a signing ceremony for a partnership between Qing Shui Service Area and Shin-Tomei Shimizu PA (Japan) were held in Taichung, Taiwan.
In this event, Taiwan Branch performed a special demonstration of Kata, Kumite, and breaking wooden boards. At the end of the demonstration, breaking of baseball bats were performed with a wish for friendly relations between Japan and Taiwan, which made the audience very excited.
It is said that this was the first time that Japan had participated in the management of service areas overseas, so this event attracted a great deal of attention in Taiwan.
Mr. Lin Chia-lung of Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party, Minister of Transportation and Communications, attended this event. From Japan, Mr. Hiroaki Tabata, member of the House of Representatives belonging to the Liberal Democratic Party, and Mr. Yasuhiro Izumi, head of Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, Taipei Office, also attended.
Taiwan Branch carried out a successful Shinkyokushin Karate demonstration at this special occasion.