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European Open Szolnok Cup 2017


Date: September 2, 2017
Place: Szolnok, Hungary
Organizer: Hungary Branch Chief Furko Kalman & Banzai Kyokushin Karate Kai

European Open Szolnok Cup 2017-International Fullcontact Karate Championship in memory of Shihan Dr. Gyorgy Karmazin Report
The main organizer of the tournament was Banzai Kyokushin Karate Kai, which celebrated its 40th anniversary this year.
The host of the tournament: Shihan Kálmán Furkó 8 Dan, founder of Kyokushin Karate in Hungary.

Patrons of the event:
– Dr. István Simicskó, Minister of Defence
– Dr. Tunde Szabo, Minister of State for Sport, EMMI
– Dr. János Mészáros, President of the Hungarian Karate Federation
– Ferenc Szalay, Mayor of Szolnok city

Spectacular fights and the army close combat demonstration highlighted the international full contact competition.

The competition is a continuation of a decade-long tradition, which began in 1979 under the name of Szolnok Cup, organized by Shihan Kálmán Furkó, which was the most prestigious event at that time after the European Championships.
The tournament had four male and four female categories, following the full contact karate competition rules, and registered 85 competitors from 10 countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine), including a number of world-class fighters.

The guests of honor: Ferenc Szalay, Mayor of Szolnok city, Shihan Koen Scharrenberg, EKO President/WKO Vice President, Shihan Sotodate Shinichi 6 Dan from Japan, Dr. János Mészáros, President of the Hungarian Race Sports Federation and Dr. László Garamvölgyi, General Police among others.

The opening ceremony started with spectacular taiko drum, and then the competitors entered, and we heard the Hungarian anthem.

The host introduced the guests and presented them with gifts.
“Shihan Kálmán Furkó” was given the 8th Dan diploma in the “WKO Representation” by Shihan Koen Scharrenberg and Shihan Sotodate.

The tournament was an excellent preparation for the Hungarian and international fighters, who had spectacular fights. The competition entrance was free (event without entry ticket).

On Sunday morning, the international delegation visited the grave of Shihan Dr. György Karmazin in the cemetery.

After the competition, from Sunday to Tuesday, a Kata seminar with the leadership of Shihan Sotodate was held in great success, with nearly 100 people from 4 countries attending it.

Official Results
Men -65kg:
I. Bohdan Lemishko Ukraine
II. Karczub Zalán Hungary
III. Sonin Nikolai Russia
III. Iveli Venkov Bulgaria

Men -75kg:
I. Rózsa Gábor Hungary
II. Suciu George Romania
III. Fekete Farkas Mór Hungary
III. Ozbetelashvili Lasha Georgia 

Men -85kg:
I. Wolny Marek Poland
II. Miroslav Milev Bulgaria
III. Igor Kotliarevskyi Ukraine
III. Oláh Gergő Hungary

Men +85kg:
I. Anatolii Zhuravel Ukraine
II. Lizák Richárd Hungary
III. Oleksandr Kryvko Ukraine
III. Gulyás Gyula Dávid Hungary

Women -50kg:
I. Alona Veresniak Ukraine
II. Alieva Dzhunai Russia
III. Vass Viktória Hungary

Women -55kg:
I. Saveleva Maria Russia
II. Németh Veronika Hungary
III. Nowak Sandra Poland
III. Berencsi Tímea Hungary

Women -60kg:
I. Polishchuk Alina Russia
II. Ismailova Antonina Russia
III. Leiter Anett Hungary
III. Kovács Eszter Hungary

Women +60kg:
I. Brigita Gustaityte Lithuania
II. Herczeg Lilla Hungary
III. Valieva Irina Russia
III. Seregély Gyöngyi Hungary

The best male fighter: Anatolii Zhuravel Ukraine
The best female fighter: Ismailova Antonina Russia