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Sweden Autumn Camp 2018


Date: September 8-9, 2018
Place: Gothenburg, Sweden
Organizer: Swedish National Team Coach Magnus Hanssen

Branch Chief Tsutomu Murayama was invited to Gothenburg by the Swedish National Team Coach Magnus Hanssen.
The visit was an inspiration for younger Kumite students and the national team.
Kyoto Dojo has in the past, hosted the Swedish national team several times. The visit was a way to strengthen the relationship and show appreciation for previous hospitality.
During the stay, Branch Chief Murayama held a one day youth camp for students on the Swedish west coast. His experience and great knowledge was highly appreciated by the students, who did Kihon, physical exercises, and advanced Kumite techniques.
A special session was also arranged for some participants of the national team. The training consisted of technique, strategy, and physical exercises. The knowledge of Kumite was at a high level, and was highly valued by the team.
Aside from the training, he also did some sightseeing and enjoyed great Swedish food.