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Spain Talan Branch Summer Camp 2016


Date: June 23-26, 2016
Place: Sepulveda, Spain
Organizer: Spain Branch Chief Jesus Talan

The Spain Talan Branch Summer Camp 2016 was held in Sepulveda, Spain on June 23-26, 2016. Due to the Spanish Government election on June 26, the number of participants did not meet expectations, but the participants enjoyed the great technique and knowledge of Branch Chief Tadashi Ishihara and Sempai Kazufumi Shimamoto from Japan. Sensei Ishihara is a great teacher, who can adapt his teachings to participants of different levels, and he demonstrated his abilities as the Coach of the Japan National Team. Sempai Kazufumi Shimamoto, who achieved 5th place in the 11th World Open Karate Championship, demonstrated different techniques and combinations, to the delight of the participants. We will continue to invite great instructors and competitors, for the further development of Spanish competitors and students.