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South Africa-Matlosana Region Kyu Grading Test 2016


Date: October 29, 2016
Place: Klerksdorp Recreation Centre Hall, North West Province, South Africa
Organizer: WKO Branch Chief Thomas Sindephi Mayekani

The last junior belts grading (Kyu grading, white to brown belt) in 2016 was attended by 145 students, all taking the kyu grading test.
The grading proceedings were conducted by Shihan Isaac Mashinini assisted by Sensei Humbulani Mphuma (3rd Dan), Sensei Hendrik Moeketsi (4th Dan) and Sempai Samuel Rampai (2nd Dan). The grading test was very strict, and the students took it serious as it showed in their good performance, that they have prepared very well for this event. The syllabus focused on physical training, Kihon, Ido-Geiko, Katas and Kumite sessions specific for each Kyu level.
What was most impressive and outstanding about the grading was the high number of white belts who were taking their first Kyu grading test on this day. This is a good sign that karate in North West Province is growing alarmingly and that karate development thereof in Shinkyokushinkai is succeeding and growing yearly. The students were encouraged to love and enjoy karate, to continue learning and practicing karate every day in their respective dojos in order for them to acquire more knowledge and skills, and to become better karate-kas and future instructors.