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Shinkyokushinkai New York Dojo training


On Saturday, May 19, Shinkyokushinkai New York Dojo hosted a Karate Get-together event at their dojo in midtown Manhattan.
A total of ten dojos, including Shinkyokushinkai PEI (Canada) Dojo, Shinkyokushinkai Bordeleau Dojo (Canada), Karate do Honma Dojo, Iwata Dojo, Nazuka Dojo, Shurenkan, World Kanreikai, IFK Kyokushinkai and AKKA Kyokushinkai, all descended from Mas Oyama’s Kyokushin Karate, participated this event. Out of more than 40 attendees, some drove 15 hours to get to here to attend this event.
At the event this time, we had a small competition with 12 karateka.
They mostly ranged from beginner to intermediate and they had exciting matches.
We also had sparring sessions so that all can enjoy the kumite with karateka from different dojos that they hardly get practiced with.
After the karate, we of course headed to our favorite bar, where we had even greater time with beer and karate discussion.