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All Russian Championship 2021


Date: November 13, 2021
Place: Samara City, Russia
Organizers: Russia Branch, Russian Shin Kyokushin Karate Federation, Branch Chief Viacheslav Mitrikovsky, and Sensei Pavel Shor

The All Russian Championship took place in Samara city on November 13, 2021.
The tournament was organized with the joint effort by the WKO Russia organization, the Russian Federation of Shinkyokushin Karate (RFSKK), Branch Chief Viacheslav Mitrikovsky, and Sensei Shor Pavel, the representative of RFSKK in the Samara region.
In total, 119 competitors from 23 regions from all over Russia entered in Kumite and Kata categories. The event was held strictly with Anti-Covid conditions, with minimal spectators, complied with all preventive measures.
Russian WKO Championship Results 2021

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