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Tournament WKO Shinkyokushinkai “River Plate Cup” 2013 edition


Date: August 17
Place: Club Atlético Defensores de Glew, Buenos Aires.
Organizer: WKO Shinkyokushinkai Argentina – Sergio Pini

On Saturday August 17 in the city of Buenos Aires was held Tournament WKO Shinkyokushinkai “River Plate Cup” 2013 edition.

This tournament has been held between WKO Argentina and Uruguay branch for more than 14 years. For the first time, on this occasion the delegations from Bolivia and Chile were invited to join.Over 40 participants competed in 5 categories; Youth, Women Open Weight, Men Light, Middle and Heavy Weight.

We had the distinguished presence of the South American director, member of the Board WKO Shinkyokushinkai, Mr. Eduardo García, from Uruguay.

The tournament was a excellent occasion to demonstrate the real Budo spirit, which values the courtesy and camaraderie the most.

Sergio Pini extends a special thanks to all the teachers, judges, competitors and staff of the organization WKO Shinkyokushinkai Argentina for the excellent work done to make this tournament a success especially Mr. Eduardo Vallejos, Mr. Rodolfo Furbatto, Mr. Javier Felix, Mrs. Roxana Avaca, Mr. Juan Franco, Mr. Jarry Gonzalez, Mr. Jorge de Leon and Mr. Norberto Sena among others.

The following will be the official results for the Tournament WKO Shinkyokushinkai “River Plate Cup” 2013 edition.

Category Junior (16-17 Years):
1st Carlos Gómez – Uruguay
2nd Timoteo Castillo – Uruguay
3rd Matías Rivadavia – Uruguay
3rd Gonzalo Karabadjakian – Argentina

Women Open:
1st Fabiola Vásquez – Chile
2nd Fernanda Sclavi – Uruguay
3rd Lorena Borda – Argentina
3rd Claudia Silveira – Uruguay

Men Lightweight (-70 kg)
1st Gottardo Bianchi – Uruguay
2nd Leonardo Araujo – Uruguay
3rd Erick Correa – Uruguay
3rd Carlos Aguirre – Argentina

Men Middleweight (-80 kg)
1st Adriano Hernández – Uruguay
2nd Juan Manuel Díaz – Uruguay
3rd Ricardo Lezcano – Argentina
3rd Ignacio Piteira – Argentina

Men Heavyweight (-80 kg)
1st Sebastián Scarlatta – Uruguay
2nd Gabriel Malvino – Uruguay
3rd Lucas Pelizzari – Argentina
3rd Pedro Corbo – Uruguay