Date: March 8, 2013
Place: Complex Sportif Marie Victorin, Montreal
Organizer: Association Shinkyokushin Canada

Close to 200 Canadian Shinkyokushin and Kyokushin members from across the country attended Shihan Jesus Talán’s three hour seminar on March 8, 2013. The seminar was hosted by Association Shinkyokushin Canada, a non-profit organization through their “WKO Connection” campaign. Its members include all Branch Chiefs and Contacts across North America. Its purpose is to connect all North American members to Shinkyokushinkai at an international level.

Shihan Talán had only three hours to deliver a memorable seminar for a group of karatekas ranging in age between 6 and 66. The seminar was split in two parts to accommodate both beginner and advanced students. Shihan Talán was a powerhouse. A man full of energy, enthusiasm, and charisma with the right amount of humor to make this seminar very enjoyable for all ages and all levels. Shihan Talán was very specific about each technique and position and the importance of consistence training, and daily intense training for our athletes.

The seminar was 30% techniques (Kihon an Kata) and 70% kumite drills, strength training drills, and agility drills. Shihan Talán also reserved some time for our Canadian athletes who will be competing at the 5th Karate World Cup, Benoit Porlier and Michael Spineti. Special advanced drills and strategies were covered that benefited everyone. Although the seminar was very short, it was a great success. Everyone was challenged.

This seminar came on the eve of Shihan Ohan’s annual shodan grading exam. The next day Shihan Ohan organized a special two hour morning training session with the candidates of the shodan exam. Shihan Jesus Talán, Shihan Guy Salter, and Shihan Alain Bordeleau assisted in this training session. Shihan Talán offered some guidance to the candidates. He emphasized on feeling the kata and performing each technique with intent and conviction.

The fifteen candidates then had a few hours to rest before the seven hour intense exam. The exam started with a general warm-up given by Shihan Talán, after which Shihan Ohan continued to orchestrate the exam dividing groups based on age and belt level where all the candidates were tested on all aspects of Shinkyokushin criteria. Sitting on the grading committee was Shihan Jesus Talán, Shihan Camille Ohan, Shihan Guy Salter, Shihan Alain Bordeleau, and Sensei Normand Bordeleau. During the exam, Shihan Talán occasionally asked some candidates to perform specific katas, or techniques. The exam included tameshiwari and self-defense.

All but one person passed the exam, who had a good attitude and accepted the decision well. A big celebration and many photos were taken afterwards with all the candidates, their teachers and fellow students. Among these candidates were four new yon-dans, one san-dan, one ni-dan, and eight shodans. The exam also created a bonding between all the dojos present and a reminder that we all serve a common purpose.

Shihan Jesus Talán played a big role during his first visit to North America. Another step forward to strengthen Shinkyokushin in North America.

Muchas Gracias Shihan Talán,