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Motorola-Tatami Sport Cup- Hungarian Full Contact Karate Championship 2016


Date: March 26, 2016
Place: Budapest, Hungary
Organizer: Hungarian Full Contact Karate Organization

6 Hungarian Full Contact Karate organizations participated in the competition, and although fewer competitors compared to the previous event last year, the Hungarian championship brought high quality and spectacular fights.

Patrons of the competition:

Dr. Istvan Simicsko, Minister of Defence
Dr. Tunde Szabo, Minister of State for Sport,
Dr. Janos Meszaros, vice president of the Hungarian Olympic Committee
Dr. László Garamvolgyi, General Police
Tamas Wittinghof, Mayor

During the opening ceremony, the Organizing Committee with Árpád Kalmár, secretary-general of the Karate Federation and organizer of the competition, gave special awards to the guests of the championship, also to the patrons and prominent guests, to the mayor, general police, and Shihan Kálmán Furkó, president of HFKO.
Besides the kata and the kumite competitions, breaking competition and spectacular martial arts demonstrations were presented to the audience of the sport hall.
Qualifier competitions took place on two tatamis in parallel in the morning, and in the afternoon the finals of the best 4 competitors continued on the centrally raised tatami.
The two outstanding karateka and multiple European Champion, Csenge Szepesi also won this year, furthermore, Attila Toth, nearly 20 times European Championship medalist, also won the best prize in his kata category.
In addition, Zsofia Szabo, Pethő Gergo and Kormondi Lidia defended last year’s Hungarian Championship first prize.
This championship was a qualification event for the upcoming European Championship held in Georgia, which will be a selection tournament to decide the European team for the World Karate Championship in Weight Categories that will be held in Kazakhstan next year.
Before the finals, a Hungarian military elite team held a presentation of close military combat.


Male -65kg:
I. Karczub Zalan – Bator KSE
II. Fekete Farkas Mor – Yakuza SE
III. Firdavs Abdulloev – Ippon KKSE

Male -75kg:
I. Tamas Popovics – Victory
II. Krisztian Peto – Victory
III. Balint Armand Victory

Male -85kg:
I. Ferenc Szudi – Karmazin Dojo
II. Kedves Bence – Tadashii
III. Balázs Kovács – Ippon KKSE
III. Gergo Olah – Kyo.Hungária SE

Male +85kg:
I. Pethő Gergo – Fight Team
II. Lizak Richard – Siofok KSE
III. Gyula Gulyas David – Yamato SE
III. Kazsamér Richard – Bator KSE

Women’s -50kg:
I. Polák Leila – Tadashii
II. Magyari Dora – Victory
III. Miriam Karczub – Bator KSE

Women’s -55kg:
I. Szabó Zsofia – Yakuzak SE
II. Veronika Nemeth – Castrum

Women’s -60kg:
I. Kormondi Lidia – Victory
II. Leiter Anett – Ippon KKSE
III. Eszter Kovács – Cs.S.E.

Women’s +60kg:
I. Szepesi Csenge – Kamikaze SE
II. Henrietta Farago – Victory
III. Kanizsai Gabriella – Victory

Male Kata:
I. Attila Tóth -Tekeres SK
II. Rétfalvi Attila – Kisvárda KKDOSC
III. Csintalan Adam – Tekeres SK

Women’s Kata:
I. Magyari Dora – Victory
II. Berencsi Timea – ECS
III. Stoffel-Wagner Eszter – Victory

The Best Technique – Female: Lidia Kormondi – Victory
The Best Technique – Male: Tamas Popovics -Victory
The Best Fighting Spirit – Female: Polák Leila Tadashii
The Best Fighting Spirit – Male: Karczub Zalan – Bator KSE
The Best Crusher (Tameshiwari): Ferenc Szudi – Karmazin Dojo