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Date: December 15-16, 2018
Place: Bangalore, India
Organizer: Branch Chief Asharaf Abdul Shukoor and Branch Chief Srinivasuloo Panem

MOSKOFIT 3 (Mas Oyama Shinkyokushinkai Open Full Contact Karate International Tournament 3) was held on December 15th – 16th, 2018. The Organizer of the tournament was Mr. A. S. Asharaf, Country Representative of WKO India, and was supported by Mr. Srinivasuloo Panem, Branch Chief of Karnataka.

On December 15th, there was a Karate seminar conducted by WKO Executive Director Shihan Yasukazu Koi and WKO Asia President Shihan J.B. Sujoto. All India Branch Chiefs and instructors and almost 80 students participated in this seminar.

The junior tournament was held till the quarter finals in the morning of December 15th, and the men and women open weight category tournament followed by junior level semi finals and finals were held on December 16th. There were 50 junior fighters, 52 male fighters and 5 female fighters who participated in this tournament. Supreme judges were Shihan Yasukazu Koi, Shihan J. B. Sujoto and Shihan Fumiaki Nagashima.
The chief guests of the tournament were Shri SAMPATH RAJ, Ex Mayor BBMP, Bangalore and Shri LAKSHMI VENKATESH, Gen. Secretary INTUC.

Tournament Results

Men Open Weight Category Award with First 8 Trophies
1st Place: Rama Saini (Uttar Pradesh)
2nd Place: Chandan Kumar Ram (West Bengal)
3rd Place: Varun Deva. V (Kerala)
4th Place: Suryakanth (Uttar Pradesh)
5th Place: Prathap. S (Karnataka)
6th Place: Muhammed Shikir. U (UAE)
7th Place: Iyyappan. R (Tamil Nadu)
8th Place: Vimal Raj (Tamil Nadu)

Women Open Weight Category
1st Place: Vaishnavi. S (Karnataka)
2nd Place: K.A. Sree Lakshmi (Kerala)
3rd Place: Rinki Paswan (West Bengal)
4th Place: Zainab Fathima (Karnataka)

Junior Categories
Junior Boys 14 to 16 Years (Above 55kg)
1st Place: K. Gopal Kiran (Karnataka)
2nd Place: Manish. M (Karnataka)
3rd Place: Dishan Tamang (Nepal)
3rd Place: Angad Chauhan (Uttar Pradesh)

Junior Boys 14 to 16 Years (50 to 55kg)
1st Place: Prashanth. H (Karnataka)
2nd Place: S.K. Asgar (West Bengal)
3rd Place: Prathap. P (Tamil Nadu)

Junior Boys 14 to 16 Years (45 to 50 kg)
1st Place: Sushil Khadka (Karnataka)
2nd Place: Kishore Babu (Karnataka)
3rd Place: Azad Chauhan (Uttar Pradesh)

Junior Boys 12 to 14 Years (Above 50kg)
1st Place: Benet P Joseph (Kerala)
2nd Place: Rampal Yadav (Uttar Pradesh)
3rd Place: Subhankar Roy (West Bengal)
3rd Place: Rohan Gurug (Karnataka)

Junior Boys 12 to 14 Years (35 to 40kg)
1st Place: Vinod. H (Karnataka)
2nd Place: Piyush Yadav (West Bengal)
3rd Place: Sanjay Khadka (Karnataka)
3rd Place: Sandip Dutta (West Bengal)

Junior 10 to 12 Years (30 to 35kg)
1st Place: Puneet Sai. C.S (Karnataka)
2nd Place: Praveen. K (Karnataka)
3rd Place: Kaviyarasu (Karnataka)
3rd Place: Manjunath. S (Karnataka)

Junior 10 to 12 Years (25 to 30kg)
1st Place: Sivanithil (Tamil Nadu)
2nd Place: C M Shreyas (Karnataka)
3rd Place: Yashwanth B.S (Karnataka)
3rd Place: Kalyana Muthan (Tamil Nadu)

Female Junior
1st Place: Sufi Aazmeen (Karnataka)
2nd Place: Ashtami. S (Kerala)
3rd Place: Saraswathi Saini (Uttar Pradesh)
3rd Place: Lakshmi. S (Kerala)