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Message from WKO President (August & September 2012)


Dear Branch Chiefs and Contacts,

 First of all, I would like to start my message by expressing my appreciation to all of you for your dedication and hard work for our organization.
 In Japan, the hot summer has reached its peak, and the season is gradually turning into autumn. I am sure that all Branch Chiefs and Contacts are doing fine in their country.

 In August, we saw the whole world focus on the London Olympics with excitement. The representatives of each country, displaying their technique with their national and personal pride, the tension and excitement of competing for the world’s top, which can be seen in their expression. I am sure that the whole world held its breath, and was deeply touched with each and every performance made by the athletes. While expressing my deep respect for the continuous hard effort made by the athletes to participate in this dream stage, the sports festival held every four years, I was also very glad to see the strong bond of friendship in the world, made by the noble amateur spirit of all involved. I would like to thank all athletes for the deep emotional excitement.

 While feeling this excitement, I envisioned the inclusion of Karate in the Olympic Games, and also felt the strong will to realize this dream. In order to spread the greatness of Karate throughout the world, and for the future of children practicing Karate, as a mission for one who is entrusted with the Karate of this present time, I would like to realize this dream by all means, and let us join hands and work towards this goal.

 In Japan, the Karate Dream Cup 2012 International Championship was held in late July, and 1,413 participants from 9 countries gathered to compete for the title. I would like to express my appreciation to all overseas members who participated in this event. This tournament was held for the fifth time, and the event has grown every year in terms of competition level and tournament size. The topic for this year was the introduction of the Group Kata competition as a new category. To meet the needs of the competitors who continue to develop, the event itself needs to grow as well. To further develop good points, and improve bad points. I would like to continue to meet the expectations of everyone, by having the flexibility to implement good things in a swift manner. The next International Championship is in two years, and I have high expectations that many overseas competitors will participate in this event as well. In preparation for this event, many overseas Karate students stayed in Japan and devoted all of their time to training. I admire their serious pursuit of strength and straight forward attitude. To become stronger, and take back this valuable experience to make their students stronger. I was especially moved by the hard effort displayed by Evgeni Andrushko of Russia, who was a prize winner at the 10th World Championship. During his stay, he participated in the All Kyushu Tournament, and fought until the end without abstaining from any bouts, despite the fact that he had to drag his leg due to an injury he sustained during the tournament. The spectators were all deeply moved by his fighting spirit and national pride.

Karateka of Japan, the mother country of Karate, also learned greatly from his persistent pursuit of strength. His effort was very impressive.
 Lastly, the Karate World Cup is only seven months away. Although I believe fierce selection tournaments are being held in various regions, I ask all competitors to use their available time to train hard, continue your daily effort, and leave no regrets in order to gain the honor of participating in the stage to decide the world’s top. I also believe the preparation work for the tournament has begun to take full effect for the host country, the Lithuania Branch. I ask for all Branch Chiefs and Contacts to give the host country your full cooperation and support.


Kenji Midori