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Message from WKO President (February 2014)


Dear Branch Chiefs and Contacts,

 First of all, I would like to start my message by expressing my appreciation to all of you for your warm support for our organization.

Time flies very fast, and it is already February. I am sure that all of you started the new year with great hope and motivation. In Japan, we had the annual Kagami Biraki training at Gokokuji Temple, where Sosai Oyama rests in peace, on January 12. With many students, we had a short memorial service at the temple, expressed our appreciation to Sosai Oyama, and prayed that our Kyokushin Family around the world will live in great happiness, health, and peace. Despite the cold and strong wind, we were again blessed with great weather at Gokokuji. After praying in front of Sosai’s grave, all participants took part in hard training with open minds, while feeling the Ibuki of Sosai Oyama. We were very happy to train together and exchange smiles, and we hope our Dojo-kun and Kiai reached Sosai in heaven.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of Kyokushinkaikan, and the 20th anniversary of the death of Sosai Oyama. Let us use this opportunity to mark in our hearts, that Kyokushin Karate is a Karate of the mind. To train the mind, polish the mind, and to speak from the mind. The foundation of this mind, is our Kyokushin spirit. “Keep your head low (modesty), eyes high (ambition), mouth shut (serenity), base yourself on filial piety, and benefit others”. Let us revisit this origin of Kyokushin, and pass on to the next generation, our valuable history and tradition.

 As for the inclusion of Full Contact Karate in the Olympic Games, our great goal, we are steadily making progress. Japan, the mother country of Karate, establishing the national federation (JFKO) as a model, and spreading this across the world as the “Japan Model”. The idea to organize the World Fullcontact Karate Organization (WFKO) is actively being organized and promoted in various countries worldwide. In Japan, the model country of this idea, we will be having the memorial, first unified tournament in Osaka on May 17-18, and the preparation work for the event, led by the JFKO Board, is steadily being carried out. The application forms for competitors are now open to JFKO members, and the tournament is now in motion. Although the tournament is only 3 months away, we will strive to build the dream stage, fit for the first step to promote Full Contact Karate to the world. For the competitors, I hope that you will accept and understand the honor of participating in such a historic event, and please do your best to train and prepare yourself for the big event.

I strongly hope for the establishment of such national federations in various countries, and to further build up this momentum for Full Contact Karate around the world. I would like to close my message for this month by sincerely hoping for your kind cooperation and understanding.

Kenji Midori
WKO President