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Poland Lamot Branch Summer Camp 2017


Date: August 12-19, 2017
Place: Pokrzywna, Poland
Organizer: Poland Branch Chief Jacek Lamot

During August 12-19, Branch Chief Jacek Lamot organized a summer camp in Pokrzywna, with Branch Chief Naoki Kawahara of Japan as the special instructor. 3-4 trainings were held each day, and Shihan Kawahara taught the 38 participants kihon, ido-geiko, and many kumite combinations (kumite stance, balance, switch punches and kicks). The trainings focused mainly on kumite, and kumite combinations were done in pairs on pads. Evening classes were done in small groups (6-8 persons), and focused on punching, kicks, and stretching. There was a sightseeing tour of Wroclaw City and the Czech Republic. The trainings by Shihan Kawahara were very professional and interesting, and everyone was pleased with his instructing and personality.