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Kokoro Cup XII & Seminar


Date: December 6-9, 2019
Place: Warsaw, Poland
Organizer: Poland Branch Chief Mariusz Mazur

The Kokoro Cup XII, the 12th edition organized by Bielanski Klub Kyokushin Karate (WKO Poland Mariusz Mazur Branch), was held in Warsaw on December 7-8.
On the first day, the tournament gathered 9 top class competitors from Great Britain, Japan, Poland, Sweden, and Ukraine. Branch Chief Takayuki Tsukagoshi of Japan was presented as a special guest, and was the coach for the 2 Japanese competitors. In between the bouts, the audience enjoyed a demonstration by the instructors and children of the Mazur Branch. Marek Odzeniak (Poland) won the men’s category, and Momo Fujihara (Japan) won the women’s category. On the second day, the junior tournament was held for the first time, and the competition gathered 120 competitors from Hungary, Poland, and Russia. Branch Chief Tsukagoshi was the main referee for the tournament. Before and after the tournament (6th & 9th), a World Champion seminar was held by Branch Chief Tsukagoshi, and the 80 participants enjoyed the world class training.

Kokoro Cup XII Official Results

1st Place: Marek Odzeniak (Poland)
2nd Place: Ali Hayder (Sweden)
3rd Place: Kazuhisa Mikami (Japan)
4th Place: Yurii Duma (Ukraine)
5th Place: Tomasz Bodzioch (Poland)

1st Place: Momo Fujihara (Japan)
2nd Place: Jurgita Vencaite (Great Britain)
3rd Place: Anna Bojda (Poland)
4th Place: Agata Kozubowska (Poland)