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Kazakhstan Almaty Summer Camp 2016


Date: July 11th – 26th, 2016
Place: Arystan, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Organizer: Kazakhstan Branch Chief Adilbek Irsembetov

Almaty Summer Camp 2016 was held in Alatau Mountains near the south capital of Kazakhstan – Almaty, and had 80 participants.
During 15 days Karatekas trained their bodies and hearts. In addition, 5 hours exam was held in the end of the Camp.

Here is one of the comments for this Camp:
It had begun to get dusk … Sanguine sun disk leisurely crossed down the mountain range. The darkness fell. Bright flash of a flame lightened up children’s faces gathered at a farewell bonfire. Fifteen days rushed by in a twinkle, not wasted, but there were full of events that have changed children’s characters in many ways. Yesterday’s “mamma’s boys” grew up and became stronger, not in the least due to the friendly and cohesive team and selfless work of coaches. Fire reflecting in the eyes of children was beautiful, but the fire burning in their hearts was even more beautiful.
New experiences, new friends, new knowledge and skills – they are not all that the sports camp has given … Fresh mountain air charged them with its “magical” power for long. Such events are certainly a hard work, but their severity is pleasant and beneficial. Well, a few days of rest and here we go with renewed energy! To go further to self-improvement and self-knowledge. Forward to new victories and achievements.